SECLA provides meaningful support, service and an effective voice for the community of South East Edmonton through innovative and collaborative solutions and actions. 


SECLA is a dynamic, vibrant, cohesive organization with many leaders and strong networks.

We help our community achieve a sustainable future.


In 1992 Edmonton City Council directed the Community Leagues in this area to develop community driven Area Redevelopment Plan. This was done because when these communities were built there was no Area Structure Plan done before the communities were built. The name of this precursor was the Southeast Edmonton Planning Coalition. There were originally 15 communities involved. SECLA fulfilled a regional role not being provided by the EFCL of the time.

The process of developing the Plan and was approved by 7 member leagues and passed by City Council in 1998.  In total 135 public meetings were held, and the planning department pegged volunteer effort into the process to be $375,000.00

In 2001 SECLA was incorporated with the original 7 leagues under the Alberta Corporate Societies Act. SECLA has since grown to 11 leagues.

Regional Planning issues have been a focus of SECLA.  Some of the planning issues we have been involved in include:

- Transportation Master Plan.

- Holyrood and Strathearn Apartment redevelopment.

- Update of South East Area Plan in 2004 for the 10 member leagues at the time. Approved for information by Edmonton Planning Department

- Community and Industry Response to First Pro Shopping Centres and Lambton Industrial rezoning. (50th st and 90th ave) in 2006. SECLA brought together Strathcona Industrial Association, Edmonton Economic Development Corporation, County of Strathcona, King’s University College, City of Edmonton Planning Services as well as numerous other businesses and organizations.

- LRT extension planning participation.

- Urban Parks Management Advisory committee.