On the grand opening day for the skate park (June 2014), a public survey was available which asked attendees to express opinions about the potential for an art project. This project would see the park’s concrete structures spray-painted urban-style. In addition to the visual interest, another purpose would be to forestall the graffiti and tagging that this sort of facility often attracts. Survey results indicated overwhelming support for artwork. This led to several paintings being done, primarily on the vertical surfaces of the park, by three local artists: 

A.J.A. LOUDEN -  artist, designer, illustrator

A.J. is an accomplished artist, and has done many art murals and other public art. He also teaches art courses.  He is passionate about graffiti and his primary medium is spray paint. He also creates work using acrylic, inks and mixed medium.  He has taught a number of AEROSOL ACADEMY art courses to adults and youth about the history and techniques behind aerosol art. The projects included painting a large collaborative mural at the free wall at the site (e.g. Study Y at the AGA, PaintSpot, iHuman, and at the Millwoods free wall).  AJ participated in and consulted for the OPEN SOURCE STREET ART PILOT, and has had a number of exhibitions and commissions.


Evan brunt - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Evan Brunt is a talented industrial artist who completed two art murals at the Fulton Ravine South skate park. In the past he has done a number of art murals as private commissions in the Edmonton area and in Vancouver. He has also worked on some larger murals in collaboration with other artists. Evan puts a lot of thought into considering the needs of the client and the unique features of each site when he develops his art concepts.

Evan has been an artist from a tender age but struggled as a teenager with no legal place to express it. He has since blossomed into the professional talent he is today. Evan has a background in graffiti and various lettering, tattooing, mural, and other illustrative forms. He will take on commissions of various types, e.g. as an illustrator, mural type work, or commission type work relating to graffiti type projects.


Garvin Chinnia

Garvin is the newest artist to complete an art mural at the Fulton Ravine skate park Garvin is a talented young artist who has done most of his previous work in oil and acrylic painting, as well as drawings done traditionally and in mixed media. Garvin’s focus continues to be on painting persons and things in an abstract expressionist manner, and he has lots of art interests such as incorporating found object sculpture into his work and possibly doing installation art some day. Garvin is currently studying at the Emily Carr University of Art and Design.


A big thank you goes out to all three of our artists for their amazing work at our Skate Park!